Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Holidays Part 1 (of like a thousand posts because I'm way behind and have a child that doesn't sleep anymore. :))

We have definitely been busy over here lately, but I think it's just the nature of the holidays.  Thanksgiving came and went, but boy, was it a fun and fabulous Thankgiving!  Not only did I turn the big 30 before turkey day, but the Thompsons decided to go to the mountains and celebrate in nothing but the most beautiful cabin ever!  And there was snow...lots. of. soft. fluffy. snow!  Sledding was a blast and it created the most magical atmosphere ever.

All of the Thompsons at the top of the most amazing sledding hill.
Xander and Asher.  Xander is probably the most loving of all of the nephews in the family and he can't get enough of Asher.  He is constantly kissing him and hugging him and we frequently have to remind him to give the baby some space. :)  It's so cute and luckily nobody has gotten sick from the love swapping.
The girls looking at the magical winter wonderland outside!  Inside I felt just like they look; full of wonder and giddiness at all of the snow. :)
Shem and I (with the help of his Mom) saved ourselves from ruining a Thompson tradition by making the best rolls ever!  I was going to make them a head of time, but my freezing the dough method didn't turn out, so last minute we packed the Kitchenaid and made them on Thanksgiving morning.  They were a big hit with the kids like always and I'm happy they turned out...really happy.
 Our little snow angel!  He loved the snow and I was so excited to take him out in it.  Wednesday night when everyone arrived we had some trouble getting up the long and steep driveway with all of the snow and ice, so I hiked Asher up to the house in his car seat with Corom and as Corom carried him up the hill Asher couldn't stop laughing!  He loved the sound of the snow crunching under our feet and thought it was the best thing ever!  The next day we took him out, plopped him in a snow bank and the cousins and I danced around him crunching the snow beneath our feet.
This wasn't the amazing hill, but a good pic of Shem enjoying the ride.  We had fun with all of the nieces and nephews and I loved screaming my head off going down the hill for some added drama. :)

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