Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shem turned 30 today!

Shem and his twin, Quinae, both turned 30 today.  They are the youngest and that means that everyone on Shem's side of the family are in their thirties...except me. :)  Weird thoughts.

I'm not sure how he feels about being 30, but I don't think he's had time to let it sink in with how busy he has been lately.  He is a man that works so hard and is almost always focused on a project for work.  This past week (our week off) he has accomplished the following:
  • Balanced finances for HOA (which was a nightmare since they were so off and many things didn't make any sense at all).
  • Folded laundry
  • He has done the dishes almost every night this week except for maybe two nights
  • He wrote some papers for his National Boards (which need to be done by March if I remember correctly).
  • Balanced our finances for January and started February.
  • Worked on some church calling stuff and went to Scouts on Tuesday night.
  • Made dinner almost every night which included two or three new recipes one of which was this amazing veggie wrap.
  • He did the Costco and Winco shopping
  • I'm sure he has done some lesson planning for whatever unit he is teaching at work
  • He bought and learned to play a new board game: Small World (I like it a lot too.  It's a good game).  Oh, and buying it meant driving up to Lynnwood to get it.
  • He talked on the phone with me for a good 30 minutes on Monday night when I was visiting my brother in Portland.  He missed me. :)
  • On Wednesday and Thursday he took extra special care of me as I stayed in bed most of those days.  I pulled my groin/ligaments (don't ask me how, because I have no idea what I did.  I was probably getting in or out of my car or just sweeping/mopping my house...dumb, but whatever.  I've never been in so much pain in my life.  I've cried a couple of times because it's so painful to walk.) 
    • heating my rice pack
    • bringing me food to eat (that he cooked)
    • running to the store for me
    • going to the doctors with me on Friday
    • helping me up the stairs
    • he's done so much for me this week
  • We also had some guys over working on our leak, and he took time to talk to them (not like he had a choice...the guy is just so talkative!)
  • He cleaned up the house for his game night party on Friday.  Sad, I know that I decided to throw him a party and he had to do all of the prep work.  But it was worth it!  We had so much fun and I can't wait to have more parties here!
  • On Saturday he continued to take care of me and mostly played with his Buckyballs from Corom all day long.  Literally all day long.
  • Wednesday we went out as well to the game store to play Small World.  That was the day that I couldn't walk out of the store and I cried because I was in so much pain.
I know that I don't have to convince anyone of how amazing my Shem is, but he truly is!  He works so hard and is so willing to do so many different kinds of work.  He is a great blessing and a help to me and to many other people that he works with.  I hope they all know how special he is because he is one amazing guy.

Speaking of amazing, he's decided to kind of grow a beard until he is finished with National Boards.  I've always loved his facial hair and I especially love it when he has a nice layer of scruff on his face.  To be frank, it makes him look front of GQ magazine sexy if he were to pose like a model sexy.  I'll be sure to snap a shot of him in his glory when I get my new lens. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So, how was your Valentine's Day?

I must say that Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays despite the fact that I really have no need to make a big deal out of it.  My students, as predicted, on a Monday were "totally off their rockers", so we wrote cheesy Valentine's with pick-up lines in Spanish.  Some examples are:  Me haces sudar = you make me sweat, De todos los peces en el mar, eres mi favorito = of all the fish in the sea, you are my favorite, and Eres mi mundo = you are my world.

Yeah, we had fun.  One of my classes decided to pay for not one, but two Sing-a-grams for me.  It was pretty much the most embarrassing moment of my teaching career, but I honestly loved it!  I was in tears...literally from laughing so much.

Later in the day Shem and I ate left-over fish tacos from Sunday...Yum.  And then he took me out to get some ice cream.  He's so sweet to me.  Today he emailed me to tell me that his favorite time of day is when he gets to eat his celery with peanut butter and then he said he loved me. :)  He NEVER emails me during work!  In fact he doesn't check his email that often and if you know him you know that he doesn't.  So, it means a lot to me when he takes a second to email me.

I feel like I still owe Shem a good Valentine, so one is in the works.  It should be pretty cool...I hope.

Here is a little video of me in my class.

Here is a link to the second video.  I can't seem to upload it the way I want to.

Take note of the look of horror on my face in the second one.  One of my student's asked me how I felt afterward and I said something like: "Completely violated."  They loved  the fact that I felt that way. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Lover's Day.

I'm excited for Valentine's Day.  Seeing a bunch of hormonal high school kids running around and planning what they are going to do for their boyfriends and girlfriends is always a lot of fun.  I make my kids write Valentine's cards in Spanish and sometimes I even get one from them.  Shem and I will probably just stay home and cook some dinner.  I really have no need to go all out for a seemingly national romantic Mr. Thompson knows that I love him everyday. :) 

Shem already bought me some beautiful Gerber Daisies and I think they are just perfect.  I took some pictures of them today while the sun was shinning, so I'll post one.  I don't know what it is about getting flowers, but it always makes me feel feminine and loved.  To have my man go out and pick out something pretty for me is always a lot of fun for me.  Maybe my kids will pick out flowers for me someday when they are older?  That would be awesome!  I'm sure if Shem is training our boys to be kind and sweet like him they will think all sorts of crazy thoughtful things to do for me...or not if they are ADD and just plain forget. :)

Back to reality.  My weight gaining drama.  I have gained a lot of weight these past two months and I've been instructed to slow it down or it could cause some problems for baby and I.  It's hard to imagine how I've gained 17 lbs in just 2 months, but I have.  I eat a lot of salad and fruits and hardly any junk, but whatever.  Friday night I gained a pound in my sleep...that was depressing.  Last night I lost 6/10 of a pound, so that made me feel better.

Running was good last Wednesday except for the cramps in my calves.  I bought a new kind of Magnesium and some Emergen-C to help with the leg cramps, so hopefully that will help.  Tomorrow I plan to tackle Mr. Tready if it's raining with some weights and we'll see how I feel.  If things so bad I'll just do some yoga. :)