Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Wet Hike up Little Si

Shem working so dilligently before getting distracted by the computer. :)

Rock Climbers

The Jungle!

My favorite pic!
Me at the top of Little Si

View from the first look out. I just love the fall colors mixed with the green!

The Yellow Leaf Road! The whole trail was covered in golden leaves, it was very cool!
Work has kept both Shem and I busy lately. It seems like once school gets into full swing our lives go on hold and work becomes all we ever think or talk about. It is quite entertaining to talk about our students and the silling things they do, but sometimes you just need a break. This weekend I didn't bring home any work in hopes of forcing myself not to think about all that I should be doing, and so far it has been great! Shem had to get some stuff done so I hiked Little Si by myself, and I must say that it was a refreshing hike! It wasn't too strenuous, but just the right amount to make you feel like the hike was worth it. It was windy and rainy at the top so I didn't take very many photos, but on the trail it was just gorgeous! Most of he leaves have fallen, but it was still so beautiful!

Nothing else has really been going on, although we just bought a new computer! We love it and we're having fun figuring out all the new features on Vista and Media Center.