Saturday, February 14, 2009

Shem's Dad's Passing

A few weeks ago Shem's Dad passed away on January 18, 2009. He had sugury on a brain tumor the day after christmas and everyting went perfectly after the first surgury, then about 36 hours later he formed a blood clot in the spot where the tumor was. We were there with Dawn (Shem's Mom) when Jeff complained of having a bad headache and before the nurse could come to help he had passed out. We were rushed out of the room and they called a code 199 and he was back in the O.R. Well, the next few weeks were hard, we did all that we could to try to wake him up, but we could tell that he was going to go after a while and after looking at another MRI we saw how much damage the swelling in his brain had caused and things didn't look hopeful.

Anyway, even though we've lost someone we love so much it was a great blessing of all of us to have the comfort of the spirit with us and for the blessings that were given which gave us so much hope. We loved his memorial service and all felt up-lifted after celebrating his life. We'll miss him so much, but we know we'll meet again.