Thursday, March 8, 2012


Sometimes the unexpected toy becomes a favorite.

Did I mention that Asher has taken his first solo steps?!  I know, at only ten months he is starting to walk!  It's so exciting to be a parent!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Growing up so Fast! 9/10 months

Asher has really grown up a lot over the past couple of months and it's amazing to me how much he has learned!  He's still not even on the charts for weight, but he's still growing and eating just about everything except for carrots!  He loves food!

Weight: 15.2 lbs (at 9 months, I think he is getting close to 17 lbs now)
Length:  27 in
Head Circ: 18 in

Moods change quickly these days...the whining is kind of driving me crazy.  Crazy enough to start looking for a solo vaca to Hawaii for a weekend.  And his eczema flared up yesterday.

-Asher has 3 teeth! 
-He crawls everywhere!
-He is into everything!
-He can climb the stairs and he is currently learning how to go down.
-He loves to play with the toilet and can flush it.  I don't like that he plays with the toilet. :)
-He loves to chew on his soothies and these silicone spoons that I have
- He eats everything, but I would say that he loves blueberries and raisins the most.  He even eats meat and oatmeal!  It's nice to feed him off of my plate now, so no more yucky canned baby food (I felt so guilty feeding it to him, but it was all I could handle at the time)
-He is learning to wave "bye-bye"
-He can stand on his own for a few seconds and I swear I saw him take 2 steps the other day!
-He has been drinking goat milk and I hope to wean him soon.
-He loves his Daddy sooo much!  Shem has been working a lot lately (6am to sucks,but it has to be done), and when he sees Daddy he gets really excited.  It's awesome that Asher has such a great Dad.
-He randomly likes to lick his Dad's, and only his Dad's nose...weird!
-He charms everyone at church!  He loves to visit other people on our pew and play with them.  A fun game he likes to play with people sitting behind us is to drop his Bear and have whoever pick it back up for him to drop again and the whole process repeats itself.
-He has no problem going up to perfect strangers and hugging them or using them to help him stand up or cruise.  Yet at other times he won't let me put him down.
-He eats dirt and wood from the plants.   I frequently have to clean out his mouth.
-He loves to go shopping.

Life is good for the most part except when we have a whiny baby and an exhausted mom, but that's life and as much as I hate some moments of being a mom I wouldn't change a thing.