Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm a slacker blogger

I don't have any cool photos (expect for the two up there) or stories to tell (I'm sure I could make up a story), or big and exciting news to share, but I thought that I'd post since there are some of you who do read my blog. :) I thank you for that. :) (I feel loved and important to each one of you).

As you may have noticed I've done a little bit of photography these past few months and my friend Christie has been so kind as to be a model for me and share her beautiful baby with me to take some pictures. I've had so much fun and I feel like I'm above the learning curve and I feel very confident shooting in manual modes and meetering and using my camera like I've been taught (all the numbers before seemed a bit overwhelming with film...some things didn't click back in 2000, maybe it was hormones, but now it all makes so much artistic and mathematic sense! I've enjoyed reading and studying my photography books and I bought a handy notebook that I take notes after I do a shoot and when I want to get a certain look. For example I want to take some beach shots in the evening (or morning after June 17th) and I just took a bunch of notes on what ISO to use, shutter speed, and aperture to get the right exposure. You see it's like science and art all together!! And really cool gadgets!! I'm in love...well with my second love, photography. :) Shem is still my first.

So if you're in the area and you want some beach shots or any pictures taken call me, email me, whatever and I'll hook you up!

School is almost out and Shem is less stressed these days. I can tell because he has been leaving for work later which has been making me leave even later because I have someone to talk to in the morning now. :) His students are making those awesome trebuchets (sp?) like they did last year. I've noticed that when he spend time on the computer (like we normally do, he's on his and I'm on mine working of course) he's looking up Ham radio stuff for his near space project he's saving up for. I love how excited he is about it and I can't wait to see him build it in the next couple of years. He has also recently taught me how to do the finances with Microsoft Money so that I can take over that responsibility in the future (well at least be an educated part of it) and I love how patient he is with my frustration at my own spending habits and the fact that our monthly food bill has been so high!! I can't handle that kind of stress seeing out budget be blown on food! :) I'm learning and he's a patient teacher.

Oh, back in April I lost my job and today I just got my job back with the Issaquah School district. They called me during my 3rd period, which was weird, but I welcomed the good news. :) Ironically enough I just finished my application to Bellevue School District, so we'll see what happens with that. Making a few thousand more would be nice, but starting someplace new might not be worth the hassle.

Off to bed now...