Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family Christmas Photo 2008/Blizzard of Seattle

This is the view from our Kitchen window! Normally we can see across Lake Washington and Mercer Island!! Shem and I have both been out of work since Wednesday because of school cancelations.
Us in front of our first Christmas tree!! We're so excited to have a relaxing Christmas at home, and I'm so excited to see snow!! Normally it only rains in Seattle in the winter. :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One word sentences up-date...

Work. House. Buy. Maybe. Work. New. Couches. :) Enrichment. Christmas. Bags. Stressful. Grading. Projects. CASL. Ichy (that's how Shem feels). Anyway, we're busy, but still hanging in there until the much needed break!! My birthday came and went and I was blessed with cool new gadgets to play with, so I'm excited to spend more time figuring them out. We just bought our first Christmas tree on Saturday and I just love having my own tree to decorate. I'm going with a country theme which will include putting in some bunches of fake cranberries and my colors will be mostly red and gold. I'm excited! My christmas shopping for my family (except for Shem) is almost done, but we really need to focus on his family now. We might buy a house...we don't know yet and we're trying to talk to the auctionier from the auction that I went to on Monday when I was "sick", now I am really sick, but I can't take work off...unless I hack up a lung tonight I'll be going in still. Well, life is good, we'll post some pics later, oh, and I cut my hair!! It's super cute!