Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Gadgets!!! I LOVE my camera!

Ever since I was about 14 years old I've been interested in photography and I always enjoyed going on weddings with my Dad or Uncle Clint as their assistant. In college I started to study photography, but soon put that aside because I felt like I didn't need to pay my way to learn how to take pictures and I wanted to put my college education to use so I decided on education-at the time I felt like I needed a career that I could support a family on (well hardly as a teacher) if I ever needed to (i.e husband passing away etc.). I also wanted to keep my hobby as my hobby, my escape from life I guess. In short I love taking pictures and over the years I've thought a lot about making it a side business etc., but for now it's going to be my hobby until I get good enough to make it a small side business-something that I can do with kids running around my house and a husband to take care of. So here are some of my "Around the House" photos. I've developed them in Lightroom 2, however, I've just been playing around, so some of the exposure and colors are off, but I'm still so geeked about what I can do!!