Monday, July 28, 2008

Thompson Family Reunion 2008

Shem playing some ping-pong.

Sunday evening we went on a walk with the kids to explore some old Batteries where guns and amo used to be stored.

Beautiful sunset, although the sun is too bright in this picture.

The family reunion was a lot of fun! We stayed a Ft. Flagler on the Olympic Penninsula at Camp Wilson. It was great to have the whole family together to hang out and play games. Shem and I enjoyed being child-less because it gave us time to play with all of the other nieces and nephews; although waking up to toddlers running down the hall at 6:30 am was hard. :) We played games, discoverd that we're all ping-pong stars, stayed up late, talked, and ate a lot of yummy food!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Date Night Dinner!!

I came home yesterday from running some earands around 4:30pm and I really wanted to make something new for dinner; something fancy and yummy! After making our banana pops, picking our recipies, shopping for obscure ingredients like grape leaves and fish sauce, cleaning while Shem watched the Avatar, and then cooking we ate dinner around 10:30 pm! It was totally worth it and a lot of fun! Shem and I like to cook together. We made Pork Satay, Vietnamese-style beef in grape leaves, and Greek Rice and Herb Salad! We decided that we probably could have gone out to eat for the same cost of the ingredients but then we wouldn't have had the pleasure of making a mess in the kitchen together!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Backpacking in Oregon!

On our 2nd day we left camp and there was so much snow on the ground that we lost the trail! This is Shem's happy face after finding the trail! :)

At about 4,000ft there was still snow! The cause of us loosing the trail.

My cool Gortex boots keep me nice and dry while crossing streams. :)

Our last day; leaving camp and the hike out. Amy, me and Shem

My happy face after finding the trail!

Mt. Hood

Pretty flowers

Tunel Falls! You actually get to walk behind the falls!

Lunch break by the stream. We took the time to cool our feet.

Shem, Amy, and I went backpacking on the Eagle Creek and Ruckell Creek trails in Oregon just east of Portland last weekend. It was my first experience climbing almost 4,000ft with a 33 lbs pack on my back, but it was a lot of fun! We camped, ate good food, got lost, played in the waterfalls and hiked about 25 miles total over 3 days!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday walk: The Attack of the Killer Mosquitos!

Every once in a while Shem and I like to go for a walk on Sunday, well today we went to Newcastle beach park to check it out for the ward picnic Shem is planning. It's a great park with a beach front on Lake Washington and a nice nature trail. We decided to take a walk on the trial and about 2 minutes into the walk we were swatting mosquitos off of us left and right! They were everywhere!!! It was so bad that we decided to run through the rest of the trail! Little did I know that I would get a healthy run in on a nice Sunday afternoon! It was a great speed workout! After running from the mosquitos we ran to the car, made sure we didn't have any bugs on us, and started to drive home. I noticed that something smelled like dog poop so Shem pulled over and sure enough during our frantick run out of the mosquito infested trail Shem had stepped in a pile of poo! We put his shoes in the trunk and he drove home barefooted. :) It was the most unsatisfying Sunday walk we've had to say the least. :)

Tigers vs. Mariners: Tigers won 8 to 4! :) (they lost the next day though :))

Shem and I went to the game with Liz and Zaron and our nephews: Corban and Liam. We had a lot of fun and the weather was perfect! I was suprized to see so many Tiger's fans at the stadium, but it was nice to cheer on my team with my fellow fans. Everyone else was cheering for the Mariners of course. I guess if Shem and I stick around her long enough I'll have to add the Mariners to my favorite team list as well. :) So, being as prepared as I could be I made sure to grab the camera (this is a new thing for us; to not forget the camera when we go places because we always forget it!), it was in the car but I was so distracted when we were getting out of the car by the big puddle that I had to jump over that I forgot the camera in the car and never put it into the bag! So, after the game Shem was nice enough to drive around the stadium so that I could get a picture of the outside for our blog! He's the best and always willing to go above and beyond to meet my requests. :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Spring Party w/ the Christensens!!

Sadie coloring her egg.

Brynlee's smile!

Dallin spending "boy" time with Uncle Shem

Uncle Shem is a great actor.

Uncle Shem is sleeping now.

Colored Eggs!

Kamry adoring her egg.

Dallin's truck cake! In a family of all girls Dallin
is all boy and he wanted to make this truck cake! It was
a lot of fun and very sweet.

One of Brynlee's many cute faces, well she looks confused
here, but cute as a doll! :)

Since we didn't really have much of a spring here in Seattle this year, Janea post-poned her spring party until it was a little warmer. Shem and I went down and had some fun with our nieces and newphew and celebrated spring with them!