Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Card 2011

Better late than never for those that didn't get one in the mail.  I think next year I'm not going to send any cards just seems like people don't like to send them anymore.  We'll see.  I hate to see the tradition end because of modern technology.

 2011 Teacher/Mommy Tattle Tales
Ruth:  This is has been a good year to me and I can’t really complain because of all the blessings I have received.  This will forever be marked as the year that I became a mother and boy what a change that has been!  I feel like one week I was going full-tilt at work and then a week later I was a mom.  What a welcomed change it has been as I have learned a lot about myself, what I can handle, and pretty much how to take care of a little ball of needs. J
            I’ve mostly been enjoying working on projects around the house lately and I recently finished refinishing our dining table.  I have plans to paint some Goodwill frames that I bought and then cut my own mat board to dress-up whatever I decide to put in the frames.  Then I hope to build some shelves for the kitchen, bathrooms, and our bedrooms.
            Aside from wood working I still love photography and I have plans to learn how to sew!
Shem:  I have been busy with work as always. It has been my first year being bribed by a student (or at least attempted bribing. He brought in Krispy Kreme donuts for me and it was so out of place I asked him jokingly if he was trying to bribe me which he admitted he was. Apparently it was his way of trying to get me to accept a late assignment. When I told him he could turn it in late anyways with a small point deduction he took back his donuts. What goes through these kids minds?
Even worse, apparently, is what goes through my mind. There is a kid in my rambunctious 7th period class who has been writing anything I say that is really funny and randomly shares the quotes with the class.  Among them are the following:
“How fast did the brown guy go?”
“Who is faster the brown guy or the black guy?”
“Fatty McFatfat is on the table”
“There’s a fat kid and a skinny kid on identical skate boards First you push the fat kid *bloolooloo*(this is supposed to sound like you are pushing a giant jello blob).
There are others too all of which are taken out of context. I have just included the G rated ones here. The other ones when taken out of context sound REALLY bad but I promise you they are all physics related questions.

Asher: I may not be very old, but I’m old enough to know I got jipped this year because I was only born in early May. This means I missed a third of the year! Well, short of being stuck in a small confined space for the first part this year has been pretty darn good. I eat, I sleep (sometimes) and I poo. What more is there to life? No that’s an actual question, is there more to life, because truly I have no clue.
Well even though I spend most of my time eating, sleeping and pooing. I have learned a few skills. I have standing skills, I can stand on my own when holding onto a couch or something. I’ve got mad jumping skills.  I can jump for hours and get myself to swing back and forth in whatever direction I so choose. I got crawling skills and—      
Um this is Dad interrupting here. Asher is totally over exaggerating, cause his “crawling skills” is really a push himself backward skill—
 It’s Asher back. I just sucked on my Daddy’s knee until his pants became saturated with saliva so he just left to change.
 Daddy doesn’t know what he is talking about and I would erase what he wrote but I can’t reach the delete key. Oh well.
Last but not least have mad flirting skills. I can get out of trouble with the slightest little giggle and I have my own harem of women at church who fight over who gets to hold me. Yeah, I’m cute!
This is Asher saying:   
“4bvc C  ;/;’Zxd8p9rf0j8yjbvjcvvccxc v, w . 0020n”  
 Peace out Yo! Word!


Beadles said...

I love getting them and love the idea of sending them. It is getting so expensive...

Ruth said...

I know. That's my other reason... I already know that I spent too much on them this year. Next year I'll print at Costco again if I send them out. Shem loves to write the letter the most.