Thursday, June 2, 2011

Random Roll of Film Found After 3 Years in Hiding!

Back when I got my 20D I sold my 35mm film camera so that I could buy a lens for my new to me digital camera and I thought, back then, that I was saying good bye to film forever.  Well, I just found this roll of film from 3 years ago and even though the colors are distorted and the images are grainy I'm in love with these shots.  It makes me want to buy back the camera that I sold and start to play around with film again.  It would be so much fun since I know a lot more about taking photos now than I did back then with all of the practice that I've had and it would also be cool to offer some film prints to my clients along with digital.  I'm not exactly sure where my business is going to go digital or film wise, but I can't help but dream about having the best of both worlds because I can't completely write off one or the other.

Here are the shots I found.  They are from a Thompson Family Reunion in July 2008.  We went to Fort Flagler on the Olympic Penninsula and stayed in some "army cabins" (?).  I wish that I had taken more photos because the roll came back with only 12 images, but I was an idiot back then and lazy with taking photos, so oh well.

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Jessica said...

You have always been so good with photos. I'm still so grateful you took our engagement photos and some wedding photos!