Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh Joy! She came to visit!

My sister came to visit about 3 weeks after Asher was born with Erik and Tristan.  They were here for 2 weeks (with a week spent at Ken and Nikki's in Portland) and it was craziness!  I loved seeing my sister though and I wish that I had been more up to doing stuff and less stressed, but it was still a lot of fun.  Her boys are so cute and a lot of fun to play with except when they are whining or crabby. :)  They loved baby Asher and were so good around him. 

Shem took Joy and the boys around to see a lot of cool things and I stayed home most of the time with the baby since his schedule was so unpredictable.  He had a meltdown pretty much every time we went out. :)

Oh, and as the stressed-new mom-sleep deprived-photographer, I failed to get a picture with my sister.  I didn't even get one of her with the baby! 

 Aunt Nikki with Asher.
 Marlie and Tristan love baby Asher!
 All of the McLennan cousins: Erik, Asher, Marlie, and Tristan being tamed by Joy.  Asher looks a little mad in this photo! :)
 Now he is really mad because someone just kicked him and Shem and I ran up to save him. :)  Good times.  Marlie still loving holding her "baby doll".
 Asher is definitely done with photo time here.
Joy and the hobbit door at the Botanical Gardens in Belleuve.

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