Sunday, June 26, 2011

Asher's baby blessing

We blessed Asher on Sunday at our church with the family.  Mine and Shem's family combined took up at least 5 rows during sacrament meeting which was quite a sight to see!  Shem's family talked about how their Dad would have been so proud to see that his posterity takes up that many rows at church. :)  I'm sure he was there though, in spirit, because Shem gave our child a very beautiful name and blessing.  I'm so in love with that man and so honored to be his wife and partner in parenthood!

After church we gathered at Dawn's house for lunch and enjoyed some good eats!  Everyone loved passing the baby around and Asher, I'm sure, loved the attention because he was a perfect angel all day.

Again, I failed to get pictures of Asher with my parents a midst the chaos of hosting and being the photographer.  Here are some shots that I did get.

 Uncle James with Asher.  Isn't Asher's outfit so adorable!  I love little boys in dress clothes.
 The McLennan's.  Fuzzy, but documented and I can't complain about that.
 Cousin Soren with Asher.  Quinae's kids are so sweet with the baby!  
 Dad taking a silly picture with the baby.
 Gramma T with Asher.
 Xander with Asher.  I'm sure he was trying to make his mouth move by putting his fingers on his lips and manually moving them.  

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