Thursday, March 25, 2010

I love blogging!

I really should be grading my last class of papers because I promised to give them back to them tomorrow...the day before spring break, but you can probably guess that I'm just ready for a break!  I read a lot of my friends blogs or read their status' on facebook and sometimes they just seems so exhausted and I feel like I can relate with out even having kids of my own.  Teaching 9th grade takes a lot out of you!  But there are moments that make it so worth it. :) 

This post isn't about work though!  I'm a day away from vacation and I need it!  This post is however about my love. :)  What is my love you ask?  Well it's none other than YOGURTLAND!  (should I have said Shem instead? ha ha. :))  Yes, I have a 2nd love and it is Yogurtland and I will seriously pay someone whatever I can to open a franchise here in Seattle.  I think it could do well in the U-district. :)  Here are some pictures of my love.  And yes, I will blog about this because well, someday I will make a book of my blog (it's our family journal) and I will want to immortalize this post in that book forever. :)  I'm just so happy right now!  *does happy-dance.  I also fixed my iTunes library yesterday and I have all of my fav tunes back also.  Okay Okay, I'll get on with the pics now.  (I really hope people read this because I'm talking to myself at this point.)

My favorite yogurt to get is plain tart and then I top it with fresh fruit like, stawberries, kiwi, blueberries, and banana.  I then like to pu some white chocolate chips in for an added bonus.  I went 4 times while we were in California and I loved it everytime!  I love my husband for taking me there and for smiling as I blissfully partook of the best stuff on earth. :)


Joy said...

It looks yummy!

So i took the boys to the doctor today. Tristan has swollen lymphnodes and he may also have strep throat. Erik has a ear infection and he has a throat infection as well. it was nice talking to you last night. Have a wonderful spring break!!!

Ryan and Tonya said...

Silly, silly. I can just see Shem watching you while you eat it...