Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Hotel Del in Coronado.

I've seen pictures of this place that this awesome photographer in Califronia has photographed families near and I told Shem that I had to go too and take some pictures.  This place is just awesome and it costs a pretty penny to stay a night, but maybe someday when Shem and I make millions as teachers he'll take me for a special occasion or a not so special occasion and just because. :) 

We had to take pictures in front of it just in case we never come back.

Photo recipe: auto focus and one strong long arm + two people who don't really care how the picture turns out.

What Shem sees through the lens...okay, i photoshoped myself, but who wouldn't?  I like the tones and the contrast in texture.  Too bad my lips are pale.  A little color would've added some depth and pretty tones around my mouth.


Rachael said...

Ruth! We just visited the Hotel del Coronado in September for the first time. My brother lives in San Diego so we went and then afterwards watched "Some like it hot" (one of my favorite movies of all time). What a cool piece of history. I love that you have pictures there too.

Ashley Welling said...

That looks like so much fun! I am going at the end of July with Mark's family. We will have to stop there. San Diego is one of my favorite places

Ken and Nikki said...

did you end up getting photoshop? or do you still work in lightroom? great pictures by the way!

Ruth said...

nope I still use lightroom...within the next year I think I'll get photoshop though...then I'll be able to do really cool things like you!

Ken and Nikki said...

well let me know when you get it and ill tell you where i get all my tutorials on how to do all that stuff!!