Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Five Months! (and a venting session)

Quick post today while Asher is sleeping and since I can't figure out how to use our Mega cool ladder to get some new clothes down for Asher and put my maternity clothes away I have nothing better to do than to post.  Sometimes I wish Shem were at my disposal at all times of the day to show me how things work and to keep me from doing dumb things like breaking the garbage disposal with rocks.  Yes.  I broke the garbage disposal by putting rocks in it and then turning it on.  That was a month ago and this weekend will be the first chance he's had since school started to fix it.  Let's hope the new disposal goes in without 50 trips to Home Depot and an ulcer to go along with it.

Asher is such a good boy, yet at times I can't figure him out.  There are times when I know that he is hungry, but he's so upset or restless that he doesn't stay on and we re-latch about 8 times before I give up and make him wait to try again on the other side.  Nursing has been so hard for me.  I don't think I know of anyone who has had a perfect experience nursing though.  If you have please don't tell me because I might just cry while hugging my chest and rocking back and forth.  I have Mastitis for the THIRD time now and if I get it again I'm done with nursing.  I feel so guilty thinking that and desiring that, but having sore boobs and running a high fever while taking care of a baby is not fun!  Especially when there is a kitchen full of dishes to do.  I wonder if I was even made for nursing at times because of all the trouble we've had.  About 3 weeks ago Asher finally started opening his mouth the latch on!  We've been stuck using the inconvenient nipple shield which is just a pain to wash and have on hand at all times.  I just have to remind myself that this is just a stage in my life right now and that soon enough I'll have my body back until I decide to have another kid.  Speaking of which, I'm all for spacing the kiddos out as much as I can...I think I need a break between each baby.

Anyway, I've had so many problems with my body since having the baby and I'm just done with it all.  I want to new back, new boobs, and I can't wait to lose weight (I've been stuck for the past while and I can't seem to lose anything these days).

Surprisingly that little lump in my throat is gone...venting is good for the soul. :)
Love this pic below even though it's got too much depth of field fuzz on his face!
Now on to Asher.  The little guy isn't gaining weight like he was. He has dropped from the 25th percentile to below the 5th and I'm worried.  I'm supposed to try and feed him 8 times day now, but I can only squeeze in about 6-7 feedings on a regular basis.  I finally have permission to start rice cereal and I think he loves it.  I hope this helps him to gain some weight since he has fallen off the charts recently.  Other than that he is doing super well.  As you can see he loves to put things in his mouth.

Today I sat him down in the Bumbo while I dried my hair.  He loves the sound of the hair dryer and like to watch me when I'm getting ready.  He loves to sing (scream) when he wants attention or when he starting to get tired or hungry.  Most of the time it's cute, but if you let it go on too long it kind of drives you crazy until you pick him up and he smiles at you knowing that he won.  He enjoys being in the same room as me and just watching me work on dinner, dishes, or anything else.  He loves his feet!  He holds his head up like a champ and he as excellent control.  He still loves to stand in your lap and has recently decided that sitting in the corner of the couch is much more enjoyable than laying on the floor or the boppy pillow.  He had his first fall off of the couch too and that wasn't so enjoyable.  Luckily he was okay.  I think the doctor freaked me out more after the fall with all the talk about what could happen to the baby with a fall, but whatever, he's okay.  He falls asleep every time we go running in the jogger and never sleeps when we go into the grocery store (he likes to look around).  Since I've been working in Primary lately Asher gets to hang out with the ladies in Relief Society and they fight over who gets to hold him. :)  It's so nice to have such awesome women be so willing to watch my baby for a while...I love it and I can tell that they love and enjoy him a lot.


Mags said...

I agree with you. I think everyone has had issues with nursing. Personally, I have never experienced mastitis. I don't care to either. However, nursing the first 6 weeks is worse than natural childbirth for me(no epidural with any of my kiddos). Once I get through that, I do enjoy nursing immensely.

My sister-in-law had a tough time with plugged ducts with her first and then not so many the next babies. Or else she figured out a trick and didn't complain about it anymore. It is hard and it is also just a phase, an amazingly short phase at that.

Joy said...

I think it took me a good 4 months to get into a good comfortable nursing groove with Tristan. He would favor one side over the other and because of that when he nursed on the other side he would choke on my milk because too much would come out. Eventually everything worked out and we both became happy and nursing became the most wonderful experience for me. When he became ready to stop I had a harder time letting it go then he did.

I hope things get better and don't stress over it. Enjoy it all. Love you!

Ashley W. said...

When I went back to work, I tried pumping. That only lasted about a week. Kit has been on formula since the end of August. I had a hard time excepting that nursing/breast milk wasn't going to work. I wasn't producing a lot of milk and Kit wasn't gaining a lot of weight. She was gaining just enough, but not a lot. I have her 4 month appointment next week. I am curious to see the weight gain these last 2 months compared to the first 2 months. But there is always future kids to nurse with so I am not too sad.

Beadles said...

I am curious to know more about the rocks in the garbage disposal...

Jessica said...

Don't stress too much about the weight. Both of my boys dropped below the charts at that age. As long as he is eating, he will get back up there. Our pediatrician said that some kids, especially breast fed kids, will drop like that but quickly catch up. Don't beat yourself up about it because you are a good mom. Just do what you feel is right and do your best. With my first, our first pediatrician told me I was a bad mom because I was having a hard time nursing and my baby didn't gain weight for a long time. I knew it was time to find someone who would be supportive and not demeaning.

I'm sorry it is hard and I wish I was closer and I would help you. Know that it does get easier. Whether you choose to keep nursing, or choose to switch to a bottle, you are still an amazing mom and Asher is so lucky to have you as his mom!

By the way, I have this insatiable desire to know more! Those rocks, what happened? Tell me more. :)