Monday, October 10, 2011

Cheap Food!

I've just discovered and I think it's going to change my life and the way I shop!  I picked up my first basket this past Saturday and it was quite the experience and I was impressed.  It's a food co-op and it's volunteer based, so no one is paid and your $16.50/basket goes all into the food you buy!  I have to admit that I had fun waiting for the semi-truck to arrive and then we had to unload the truck and divide the food among the baskets.

You should try it out for yourself!  I hear that the produce is so fresh that it will last a couple of weeks.

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Beadles said...

That is so beautiful! What a way to shop for all of the good things in life. I have completely changed my diet. I may blog about it at some point... but i have done away with meat and I am trying to cut out all dairy based products as well. I watched a documentary that changed my life.