Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today I feel crappy

Asher is four months!  I can't believe how much he has grown and developed in this short time.  Here are some stats:

Weight: 12 lbs. 1.5 oz. (5-10%)
Height:  25 in. (50%)
Head:  16 3/4 in. (50-75%)

I think I need to feed him more because he's not gaining weight like I though he was; however, he is much taller!  I want to start him on rice cereal with breast milk, but my pediatrician said to wait until six months.  Any thoughts on this?  I'm open to opinions because I actually feed him some rice cereal for 3 days in a row because he was showing some interest in my food.  He surprised me when he was very excited about a spoon with food on it and he kept most of it in his mouth!

He may just be a skinny lean machine, but this kid is smart!  The doctor said that developmentally he is about six months! 

-He is so smiley!!!  This kid will make your day and he is a tension diffuser.  Just one look and poof, the anger goes away!
-He gets passed around a lot at church and every week someone new tells me how responsive he is and that he is charming.  My kind of kid.
-He has eaten rice cereal with breast milk and has shown much interest in what mom or dad is eating.
-He grabs and plays with his toes!!! (I couldn't wait for him to do this and he's a pro at it already!)
-For the past week he has been sleeping beautifully!  From about 9:30pm-6:30am.  Love it!!
-I am afraid of this one because it means he will probably never hear me when I call his name, but he becomes fixated on the television when I let him watch it.
-He will look at me when I call his name.
-He smiles at me when I get him in the morning.
-He rolls/turns/grabs/sucks/ while on his play mat.  Some days I find him on his side grabbing at the giraffe, other days he has turned 180 degrees in order to look at himself in the mirror, and on most days I find him grasping the monkey and pulling it like crazy.
-He is very strong and loves to stand up in our laps.
-His favorite thing to cuddle with is a plain white wash cloth!

To change subjects (and to add some pictures), Asher got some shots today and even though he took it well, I thought it would be fun to document him with his battle wounds in a semi-melancholy state.  Truthfully, he slept afterward and has been very much his happy self.

In the words of Asher:

Today I got some shots, so I feel crappy.

 Not just in one leg...
...but in both
 This is how I look when I'm a little sad.  It makes my Mom go crazy taking pictures of me because apparently, I'm super cute.
So now I'm just chilln'.
 With my cute sad eyes and my perfect little pose.
 And here's one more looking-straight-up-into-the-camera-shot for my Mom because I know it will make her get all lovey-dovey and make her ogle over me. It's almost like I'm in baby GQ  :)
Did I mention that I have Mastitus again!!!  Yeah, fever peaked at 102.7 yesterday and I just about lost my cookies.  I'm feeling much better today thankfully since it's 82 degrees out!  Thank you Washington!  I'm loving summer in September!  I may even take the babe to the beach tomorrow and take a dip.


Mags said...

Everyone has an opinion about starting solids. All of my kids started at different times too. I waited until they showed interest in what we were eating. Lucas was our first and I was planning on waiting. However, the little runt made us eat in shifts because neither of us could hold him and eat or else he would dump our food in our laps with him trying to get at it. So he started solids at 4 months old. He was our earliest to do so. If rice cereal starts to back him up a bit, try oatmeal cereal. It's usually on the shelf right next to the rice cereal. Trust your gut, you are a good mom.

Beadles said...

Nathan came home from the hospital eating cereal in his bottles. He is healthy and smart...go with your gut. Don't worry too much about the weight percentages either. Both of my girls are in the 3rd percentile and barely hanging on. We have met with nutritionists and everyone thinks they are just fine. Nowadays the big worry is over the children at the other end of the scale!

I did enjoy the pictures and "Asher's coments."

By the way, for living in the south I have to think you stole our weather! It barely made it into the 70s.

Ashley W. said...

Kit is also small and long. At her 2 month she was 9 lbs 3 oz and 22.5 in. I was worried about wright gain, so I talked to my doctor and he said she should eat 2.5 oz for every pound divided by the # of feedings:3-4 oz per feeding for her. I started doing that and put her on formula while I am at work and she has gained what seems to be a lot of weight. We'll see, her 4 month is next month.

Did your doctor give a reason to wait until 6 months? I have heard to wait until they double their birth weight.

Ruth said...

Ashley, she didn't give me any reason to not start and I forgot to ask why. She just said the breast milk had enough nutrition in it for him at this time. I tried formula and we suspect it may have given him eczema (milk allergies run in the fam), so I've taken him off formula since I am home and can feed him.

Tonya, sorry about the weather, you should come visit us this weekend, 90 and sunny on Sunday I hear! Someday when we have our big sail boat you should definitely come out to visit. :) Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm going to go with my gut; add another feeding and see where that takes us.