Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not impressed.

-I got a flu shot on Monday...and now I'm sick.  I thought those things were suppose to help you not get sick? 

-I am, however, impressed that on Monday I heard the baby's heart beat. :)  156 beats/ min.

-I really hate being home sick too.  I don't feel like doing anything and so I resort to watching television.  TV is so boring these days.  I kind of miss HGTV when we had cable way back in our basement apartment.  At least it gaves me ideas on how I could spend our savings on decorting my house. :)

-I think I'm carrying a boy too.  My Mom always knew what she was going to have and I think I have that gift as well.  Having a boy first would be great since if my family comes out this summer I've already told my Dad that we are going to go camping northwestern style.  He was a little like: "Uh, we don't have to go camping, I mean, with a new baby and all."  And then I told him that all we have to do is gear up, borrow a tent heater and off we go rain or shine.  As long as baby is fed, warm, changed, and loved baby will be fine and happy.  I think my Dad is secretly concerned about his warmth and comfort while camping in the cold.  He prefers the beach in South Carolina or some place else warm.  I actaully hated camping in the heat in North Carolina 2 summers ago.  It was way too hot!  Anyway, I think baby will be just fine as long as we both have had  time to adjust to one another.

-A boy would also be awesome since I already have a ton of cute boy baby clothes from my sister in law.  She's the sweetest and has always been so willing to do so much for Shem and I.  She buys super cute clothes as well, so this baby will no doubt look amazing especially with Shem's good looks and all.

-No cool photos right now...maybe this weekend I'll take some fall photos to share.

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Joy said...

I knew that Erik and Tristan were boys. When I went for Tristan's ultrasound the technician asked me what I thought I was going to have and I said well I hope it's a girl but I have a feeling it's another boy. I totally know what you mean about dad. Remember when we went camping in New York when I was prego with Tristan? Dad was really bummed about the weather. I actually really enjoyed the weather. It might also have been because I was pregnant and hot all the time.