Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm back!

Quarter 1 grades have been entered for both Shem and we...are...burnt...out!  I didn't bring home any work to do this weekend because I need time to focus on cleaning my disgusting looking kitchen, mail way over due birthday cards, play some wii, go for a run and lift some weights, and maybe Shem and I will be able to relax...a little.  We totally earn our summers off and I don't even care what anybody thinks because anyone that thinks that teachers are lazy just doesn't understand exactly what we do during the school year.  Shem literally works almost a 12 hour day everyday.

Okay, on to more funny things.  My third period is very special.  They are completely obsessed with the fact that I'm going to have a baby.  During our 10min video announcements today two of my most chatty ninth grade girls drew me this picture.

They call the baby "Fetus" and then they asked me how to say it in Spanish, so I said what I always say and told her to look it up in a dictionary.  Notice how they added the accent mark...yeah, it doesn't belong there, but that's okay.  They have also named my baby Vann...I'm not sure why either.

Did I mention that I teach high school Spanish? :)  I'm going to miss all the personalities, and I hope my little one is just as interesting to me as the 160 students I teach this year...I might get bored otherwise...Shem and I would have almost nothing to talk about over dinner if our child were anything less than interesting.

Anyway, happy weekend!


Joy said...

LOL! I like how "Vann" has green shoes on. Here's to wishing you a very wonderfully, relaxing day! I love you Ruthie!

Mags said...

Oh I know that teachers are underpaid for the work they do. Glad you get to relax:)

Ashley Welling said...

One of my fellow English teachers is about to have her baby, and one of my students had her last year. When I mentioned that she is having a baby, he said she couldn't because she is an English teacher. It just made me laugh. Our dance teacher just had a baby and one of het dancers said she could help deliver her baby if she came while they were st the Shakespeare Festival. These kids are so funny.

Kellie said...

I'm sooo happy for you!! I think the picture is cute.