Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rialto Beach (Part 3)

Just for documentation sake, we were on this vacation from July 22-24th, 2010.

Our second day we planned to do some day hiking farther up the beach.  It was incredibly foggy when we woke up and for most of the day until around 4pm when we hiked back to our site.  This was a lazy day of hiking, but we had no desire to push ourselves like we have in the past.  After working on the house so much we really needed a restful break and we forgot my boots, so I didn't feel safe climbing over big rocks with my pack and no ankle support.  Also, hiking on the beach is a good workout!  We sank into the sand as we walked and walked over little rocks, climbed big rocks, and shimmied through fallen tree trunks.  Oh, and I was really afraid of slipping on wet rocks...I've had a few head injuries as a kid and I didn't feel like cracking my head open in the middle of no where.  Needless to say, hiking on the beach is a much different experience than hiking through the woods.

These pictures are from our day hiking on Friday and I took a couple from our hike out. 

Fog in the morning.

Above and below: our lunch spot...yeah, it was gray out. 

When the sun came out, it looked so beautiful at our campsite!

We built a huge fire!  I think the flames look so cool.
Our beach at low tide early in the morning.
Another shot of Rialto.
On the ferry ride back to Seattle from the penninsula with Mt. Rainier and a logging barge in the background.  These ferries are amazing!  They hold a lot of cars and passengers.

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