Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rialto Beach (Part 2)

We've been busy prepping for painting tomorrow...well, almost today and I'm sure that my home is going to take on a totally different look and feel with some color!  I really wish that I had taken some pictures of the mess we created while working, but every time I thought of taking pictures it never really interested me enough to actually pick up my camera and snap a few shots.  I'll be happy with before and after shots, and hopefully the results will be just as shocking if not more. :)

Other happenings in the Thompson household are that we celebrated our third anniversary on this past Wednesday!  Shem and I are both like: "It has only been three years?!!  It feels like we've been married much longer than that!"  Should we be worried about this mutual thought? :)  I think what we mean is that we've been together long enough to not remember what life was life before marriage, or that we're so in love that it feels like we were meant to be from the beginning. :)  Anyway, I love him so much and I love how we've grown so much together these past three years, but more about that latter when I post pictures of what we did!  It was so much fun and we ate some super yummy food from Ivar's.

Here are more pics from Rialto Beach. I've only edited the first day, but I'm sure I have some cool shots from our second and third days too.

These are all shots from our first day.
The famous Rialto Beach Picture.  I have more of these from our hike back.
Hole in the Wall.  When the tide is low you can hike through it, but since the tide was too high we had to climb the ladder.  It was basically some stairs made in the dirt and it was very steep...scary.
After the Hole in the Wall we pretty much hiked over rocks like these with 30 lbs. packs on our backs.
Shem in the two man backpacking tent...doesn't he look hot?!
The homestead.
This is our same beach at high tide around 9pm.  I took some long exposure shots to make the water look dreamy.  I didn't have my tripod, so I cropped out the log that used to be in the foreground.

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