Sunday, August 8, 2010

Check! Three years done.

Can I just say that I'm the luckiest girl ever!  I married a good man and we celebrated our third year of marriage without any break downs.  I don't know what my problem has been, but in the past, well, since our first Valentine's Day together when we were dating, something has always altered our special plans in a big way.  I either have the worst day possible (i.e. waking up crabby, hard day of student teaching, backing into someone car with my massive truck, then getting sick from some sub par Greek food.), or for some reason I'm just in a bad mood.  I think I've learned that for some reason I've had expectations for something amazing and totally different than what Shem had planned.  Finally after being together for more than three years I've learned to not break down.  It's weird, I know, but that was how I used to roll.  Shem has coached me through so many emotional feelings of mine and he's helped me to be a better communicator and he still loves me!

So, for our anniversary we decided to kayak down the cut from Lake Washington to Union Bay and eat at Ivar's on the water.  We did this way back in April of 2007 on a date when I was visiting Seattle before graduation.  Anyway, it is freaking scary kayaking down the cut!  It's a narrow canal with big boats going way to fast and lots of waves from their wake.  I paddled my heart out until we got to Portage bay where you can see the house boats.  I think that I was just nervous because the last time I was in a kayak was at Shem's Aunt Barbara's house in Annapolis, MD and her's were super tippy, so when I tried to get out onto the dock above me I was very gross.  Thankfully this time I didn't tip.

Aside from having a fun time kayaking, dinner was amazing!  Shem ate this white salmon and I had some king crab.  I love fresh seafood and I love me some crab!  We also ordered this amazing dessert.  It was a chocolate cake creme brulee of calorie goodness! 

The kayaking, food, and company was perfect...thanks Love. :)

Shem under Eastlake Ave. bridge.
The boats on the dock at Ivar's.

I-5 freeway from below.  I love this pic.
Eastlake Ave.

This bench is made of the most beautiful wood!  Very good craftsmanship.
My meal. :)

Eastlake Ave. again.

The oldest houseboat in Portage Bay.
P.S.  All of these pictures were taken with our Sony point-in-shoot!  They turned out pretty good in my opinion.


Ryan and Tonya said...

I just love reading your blog and catching each story with a plethora of pictures. I wonder what the server thought when the camera came out to capture your plate of food... :)

Rachael said...

congratulations on three years. looks like a fantastic anniversary celebration.....
richard, are you paying attention?