Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday and blueberries

I have two seniors ready to have me take their pictures this week and probably next so I've decided that I'm going to plan all the details of poses, places, lighting, back-up lighting, and gear before I get out there.  Planning a photo shoot to this extent is something that I really haven't done yet.  I mostly go out there with camera a mano and have faith that my passion and limited knowledge gained from blog stalking will give me the results that I want. :)  Yes...I am a blog stalker of photo blogs and I am addicted to them. 

Shem, in his supportive and excited way, said that he would take me to a couple of parks and let me play with my flash just so that I could see what kind of results I would get while using the flash outside on an overcast Seattle day (seriously, when is it going to be summer out here?!).  Here are my results.  Oh, and I learned that my camera is really heavy with my flash on top and that my focusing is almost always off...I need to lift weights to strengthen my arms for added steadiness.

Here are some more photos from the blueberry fields in Bellevue.

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