Friday, June 11, 2010

The Blind Side

Shem and I just watched The Blind Side and it's my favorite movie...ever.  Really, I'm not joking around here either.  Way back in September, or whatever month it was, my "boys" in 2nd period (and some of my other students) told me how much they loved this movie and I just assumed that it was another sports movie.  I never anticipated it to be witty, loving, inspiring, ever so charming, or even that it would become our new family favorite.  You see we're not obsessed with sports like some other people in my immediate family (Uh em...Ken).  In fact, I'm the one between Shem and I that talks about our future kids playing sports and football.  Shem doesn't follow sports and really never has, but in my former life I followed baseball and I had favorite players and I loved watching college football on Saturday afternoons.  It just doesn't interest Shem like it does my brother.

Anyway, we both love this movie and right now the best sick day movie that we have is The Princess Bride, but now we've both agreed that The Blind Side is our new sick day favorite movie.  The movie that we'll watch so many times over that we'll be able to quote it to each other and laugh hysterically because, well, because it's just good!  So, rent this movie, watch it, and I know you'll love it, or at least think it wasn't a complete waste of your time.


Ashley Welling said...

I love The Blindside!

Derek said...

this movie sucked are you kidding, i never even learened how to watch this.

Ruth said...

Derek, I'm assuming the one from 6th period. :) What do you mean you "never even learned how to watch this" ? Why do you think it sucked?