Monday, July 27, 2009

NYC Baby!!

Memorial at Battery Park for 911. This monument survived the disaster.

The Bull.

Tree in Elis Island with the origen of common words we use everyday.

ground zero.

Lady Liberty.

New York City Library. I just couldn't help but think of Ghostbusters when we walked through this library. :)

Radio City. We toured NBC Studios too.

Shem on Staten Island with Elis Island and Manhanten in the background.

Stock Exchange.

The Subway. We took it everywhere.

Time Square. Sensory overload even in the mid-afternoon.

Yankee's game with Cheryl! :) They won with a walk-off home run.

After staying at the Finger Lakes we checked out church sites, said our good byes to the McLenans and then headed down to New York City. There we stayed with Cheryl, a friend of Ruth’s from high school. In New York City we did your typical touristy things including visiting, the Statue of Liberty , Elis Island, Wall street, ground zero, Rockefeller center, NBC studios, time square, New York Library, and China town.

I’ll just hit the highlights of some of our favorite Parts about our stay in New York, aside from just being able to spend time with Cheryl and Rob. First and My personal favorite was going to a Yankees game. I am not a huge sport fan myself but I really enjoyed this game. First, we had amazing seats so the players weren’t just little dots. Secondly, the crowd was really into the game. They all cheered and screamed, and if something cool was about to happen they all stood up in anticipation which means you would have to stand just to see what was going to happen. I have determined that East coast games are way more fun because the people really get into the game. My next favorite thing was china town. I love good food and that’s the first good Chinese cuisine I have ever had outside of Seattle.

One of Ruth’s favorite things was shopping at Century 21 where they sell designer clothes and accessories for realistic prices Ruth would call them AMAZINZG prices because she bought $450 worth of merchandise for only $60. I only call it reasonable because a purse should never be $200 regardless of who makes it. In the end we were both happy. Ruth got the styles that she likes and I liked that we didn’t have to mortgage a home we didn’t own to buy the items. Hooray! (Ruth speaking: and might I add that I love the purses too! I can’t stop talking about how much I like them! Aunt Barbara thought that they were amazing too.)

I have saved reporting the best thing about our New York trip for last. Did you know they sell soft served frozen yogurt that is laced with cocaine? No Really! We didn’t know this either until Cheryl introduced us to Yogurt Land. How do I know they lace their yogurt with cocaine? I have been able to conclude this after a careful analysis of the following facts. First Yogurt Land sounds very Hippieish and we all know Hippies lace their frozen yogurt with cocaine. Second, Ruth ate at Yogurt Land at least twice a day while in New York ( not really, but Shem won’t let me convince him that I only ate there once a day.). Now that we left New York she keeps talking about the Holy Land of Yogurt frequently followed by sudden muscle twitches. In fact, she has even discussed opening her own Yogurt Land in Seattle (no joke), and we all know that those who can’t afford to buy drugs end up selling the drugs to support the habit. All sarcasm aside it really was good yogurt. It’s a self served place where you can make your own cup of frozen yogurt with all kinds of toppings and then you just pay by the ounce. It’s a fun concept.


Ashley Welling said...

I love New York! This looks like such a fun vacation!

Rachel said...

WOW! That looks like an AWESOME vacation! What a good time!