Monday, July 27, 2009

Niagra and New York with the family

Niagara Falls, Canada

Tree of Life

Angels in the beginning of the performance

Building the ship.

Warriors. My brother James was one of these warriors.


This week has been a lot of fun! On Thursday we drove with the family through Canada, over to New York State. Along the way we got to see Niagara Falls, which was a first for me. On the American side of the falls we met up with Rochelle and her family (who coincidently were doing the same trip as us except they left a week earlier and went the opposite way as us) and went on a short walk to the bottom of one of the falls. Now when I say the bottom of the falls I mean we were practically standing in the falls. The water pours down and then splashes off some rocks. We would stand in the torrent of water coming off the rocks. They give you cheap ponchos which were shredded to pieces by the water. It was very intense. I could feel the intensity of the water coming down and couldn’t help but scream as if I was on the thrill ride of my life!

After seeing Niagara we zipped on over to Palmayra, New York to see the Hill Cumorah pageant. James, Ruth’s brother, was in the Pageant and we got to see him running around in a loin cloth. This is not something I would normally condone but as he was playing the part of a Nephite warrior, I let it slide. Probably the neatest thing about the pageant was the special effects. They are performing this pageant on a stage on a hill outside, and they have Waterfalls, lightning, windstorms, earthquakes, volcanoes, and men descending from the heavens. It was amazing how creative they got to with their resources to make it all work.

We also went camping near Ithica, NY at a place called Treemon state park. It was awesome and full of hikes and a very cool swimming area where we swam in 62 degree water just to sit under a waterfall. Ruth Loved jumping from the diving board while I wadded in because of my ankle... Eventually you became numb so the water wasn't all that bad.

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Ryan and Tonya said...

What an amazing "vacation" (or should I say tour of the USA) you are having! Pictures - amazing, things you have done and seen - amazing, the fact that there is only one speeding ticket - amazing... Can't wait to see you two!