Monday, July 27, 2009

Michigan with Ruth's Family

Mackinaw Bridge.

Shem and Lehi playing Carcasone. They both love boardgames!

Vacation life hasn’t stood out as much during our second week. Although a certain theme has seemed to enshroud our life out here in Michigan: Meat! We have eaten lots, and lots of meat. Thursday we had Chicken for lunch, and steak for dinner. On Sunday we had Steak, chicken, Brawts, and hot dogs (There were more varieties of meat that night then variety of side dishes, oh and the steaks were so insanely tender that you almost didn’t need to chew!) One Monday we had left over braughts, chicken, steak and hot dogs.

For the most part we have just been visiting Ruth’s family near Detroit Michigan. We have done lots of fun things like going on bike rides, watching Harry Potter 6, bowling, playing laser tag, board games, Guitar hero (a video game where you play the guitar), and of course... eating lots of meat!

Over the weekend we went down to near Cleveland Ohio, to visit one of my friends Nick Strange. On the way back I got a speeding ticket for $137. When we got back to Michigan and were trying to pay the ticket we found out that the county we got the ticket from has made headline news for the amount of revenue they make by traffic tickets. I can see why too because they only post the speed limit every 5 to 8 miles. Shem was just saying that he wished he knew what the speed limit was when we saw the cop car and got pulled over. I guess we are just one of the many people who pay the workers in that county. It’s nice to know that we are doing our civil duty.

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