Monday, September 15, 2008

My Hobbies/ New Talents and fun stuff with Shem!

My sister-in-law Wendy is just so amazing!! She has all of these cool/crafty card making tools and she is so willing to teach and let others use her gadgets. I made these cards back in August when we got together for a card making night. It was a lot of fun!

Wendy and Shem's Mom have taught me how to cut Shem's hair! I love being able to cut his hair because I know it's saving us at least $20/month and all the $$ we save from his haircuts can go towards mine. :) This is me cutting his hair the day before school started for him after his 2 week strike in the Bellevue School District. I just love being self-suficient!

One of our many food experiements: Banoffe. It really didn't turn outlike we had hoped, but we did get to brulee the bananas on top with a torch!

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