Monday, September 15, 2008

Back in School

Well, we're finally both back in school. Bellevue was on strike for many reasons: benefits, pay, and the freedom to use our professional abilities to teach to each student and modify lessons as we see fit. Basically teachers were being forced to teach the same lesson in each classroom for that subject on the same day in all the schools in the district. It wasn't good. Shem went back today and he's still working hard in the living room getting this situated and organized (he's such a hard worker!)

I just started my 3rd week and I'm loving teaching 1st level Spanish classes to freshmen. I'm using a lot of TPRS in my lessons so therefore speaking a lot of Spanish to them already and it's amazing how quickly they catch on!

We both had a great summer and we look forward to the fun we'll have next summer, but we're also glad to being working again.

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