Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vegas 2008

Inside the Forum Shops at Ceasar's Palace

The moving statues weren't as impressive as Shem anticipated, they were just animatronic.

After a long day of walking we took this beautiful pic in from on Paris.

The strip during the day from the skywalk between New York New York and MGM Grand.

Shem in front of the Bellagio. Next time we go I want to stay there! :)

The Lions at the MGM Grand.

Fly away!!! Flamingos at the Flamingo.

Our trip to Las Vegas was a lot of fun! We especially enjoyed our time at the pool in the mornings before it got too hot to risk being outside in the sun exposed like we were. We mostly walked or rode the bus up and down the strip checking things out; there are a lot of fun things to do for free and it kept us entertained. It was just way too hot for us northwesteners reaching highs of about 105 during the day; it was so hot that you could feel your skin burn in the sun!

Aside from the heat we loved eatting out and we both agreed that eatting out and trying new food was the thing that got us most excited about being on vacation. We ate at our favorite restaurants like Chipotle, Wendy's, MacDonalds (which I've decided that their salads are always old and moldy), Outback, and for our expensive meal we ate at Wolfgang Puck at the MGM!! The meal was divine! Shem and I had a chopped salad that had so many yummy and zingy flavors in it to start, then Shem ordered Roasted Lamb Panini and I had the Baked Penne pasta. It was so yummy! To finish off our meal we took the plunge and went for dessert and got the Banoffe Tart! It was heavenly and we could not stop talking about it after we left and I've found a couple of recipies that I'm trying, so we'll see how it turns out tomorrow! The bruleed bananas on top were just incredible to eat!

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