Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday walk: The Attack of the Killer Mosquitos!

Every once in a while Shem and I like to go for a walk on Sunday, well today we went to Newcastle beach park to check it out for the ward picnic Shem is planning. It's a great park with a beach front on Lake Washington and a nice nature trail. We decided to take a walk on the trial and about 2 minutes into the walk we were swatting mosquitos off of us left and right! They were everywhere!!! It was so bad that we decided to run through the rest of the trail! Little did I know that I would get a healthy run in on a nice Sunday afternoon! It was a great speed workout! After running from the mosquitos we ran to the car, made sure we didn't have any bugs on us, and started to drive home. I noticed that something smelled like dog poop so Shem pulled over and sure enough during our frantick run out of the mosquito infested trail Shem had stepped in a pile of poo! We put his shoes in the trunk and he drove home barefooted. :) It was the most unsatisfying Sunday walk we've had to say the least. :)


Alan and Christie said...

sounds like an adventure! too bad about the dog poo.

Eric said...

If you wipe the poo all over you, the mosquitos will leave you alone.