Saturday, July 19, 2008

Date Night Dinner!!

I came home yesterday from running some earands around 4:30pm and I really wanted to make something new for dinner; something fancy and yummy! After making our banana pops, picking our recipies, shopping for obscure ingredients like grape leaves and fish sauce, cleaning while Shem watched the Avatar, and then cooking we ate dinner around 10:30 pm! It was totally worth it and a lot of fun! Shem and I like to cook together. We made Pork Satay, Vietnamese-style beef in grape leaves, and Greek Rice and Herb Salad! We decided that we probably could have gone out to eat for the same cost of the ingredients but then we wouldn't have had the pleasure of making a mess in the kitchen together!


Joy said...

that looks really good! I'd like the recipe if you don't mind.

Liesl said...

YUMM, you guys should start your own restaraunt! Joe and I would come to it for our anniversary!

Susan said...

Hey Ruth! I found your blog from Holly's. You look like your enjoying life.