Wednesday, November 28, 2012

18 months

I'm avoiding the mounds of laundry that need folding, asked Shem to make dinner tonight, and decided to bake some whole wheat bread and blog.

I feel like there has been a lot going on around here, but I never get up here (here being in my room away from the little one) to type about our awesome lives. :)  Yes, my life is awesome.  

Asher is now 18 months and I feel like we've hit a sweet spot as he is so much fun to have around now.  He is finally starting to repeat what Mom and Dad say and it's so cute.  He has stopped calling me, "Mom! Mom! Mom!", and now lovingly calls me "Mommy" when he wants me.  I kind of love it.  Whenever he sees a photo of Dad he always says, "Daddy" or "Dada".  I still don't exist in photos, but at least I exist in real life to him.  Haha!  

He eats like a crazy man too.  He must be growing, but I wouldn't know since I still haven't scheduled his 18 month appointment.  Anyway, he ate cucumbers with breakfast yesterday, and fish for dinner, and loves carrots.  Pretty much will eat anything that isn't slimy.  I love that he eats and feel like my hard work in providing a variety of food for him to eat is paying off.  No chicken nuggets here because this kid will eat a whole chicken breast if I let him!  

He has started going to nursery at church and was doing wonderfully until 3 weeks ago when he decided that he'd rather scream and cry if Dad left him there.  Shem or I have to be in there with him and if we leave if figures it out pretty quickly.  Although it's kind of a step backwards for him to be so attached to us, he has become super cuddly lately!  We love it!  He has never been like this before and it melts ours hearts when he rests his head on our shoulders and squeezes them several times as he snuggles as close as we can to us.  He  has also developed the crazy talent of attaching himself to us and even if we let go he somehow still hangs on.  Very interesting.

He frequently plays with cars, action figures, blocks, and the iPad   He loves to watch a "go" (show) and if I let him I think he'd sit like a zombie in front of the TV all day long.

He seems to comprehend the world around him.  He will get his shoes, coat, throw diapers down the stairs, get a new diaper, try to open the front door, and he now knows how to frazzle the dishwasher.  We don't like that very much.

 He loves little books and has claimed my Hymn book in Portuguese as his own. :)

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Ashley W. said...

Love it! Kit likes to throw her diapers down the stairs too.