Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fifteen Months

Fifteen month stats are very promising and we even got to see our regular pediatrician who had been out on maternity leave for the adoption of their son.

Weight:  20 lbs (>5%)
Height:  311/2 in (75%)
Head Circ:  18 3/4in (75%)

He is growing, but he's definitely not fat.  I know some 5 month old babies who weigh more than Asher.  Part of the reason for his slenderness is well, genetics, but also that fact that he never stops moving!  He loves to move.  Also we have recently all gone dairy and gluten free.  We're seeing a Natural path doctor who is trying to help the boys with their eczema.  He seems to think that all skin disorders are caused by gut issues, so we're going to follow his diet and see what happens.  So far no significant changes, but I do hope that this will help us.

I snapped these shots a few minutes ago...they are quite descriptive of Asher's many personalities.  He is growing up and wanting to talk so much, but seems to have his own way of communicating still.  Other than that, he runs, plays, eats a lot, snuggles, reads, and destroys things daily.

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