Monday, February 6, 2012

My Kitchen!!!

I've been waiting for months to post about our kitchen remodel, but I've been reluctant to post because: 1: my kitchen is never quite clean enough, 2: it's still a work in progress, and 3: the lighting is never quite right.  Enough is enough and I'm posting the progress that we've made on this once hideous 70's kitchen.

 Missing drawer and crusty cabinets.
 Microwave on counter which was almost always blocked by dirty dishes.
 Awesome wood paneling on the wall for an added rustic look.
 To bright and white and clean!  Oh so clean! (Except for the dishes that I just washed and all the junk on the counters, but I do have a solution for all that clutter and soon I will update you on what I've done.)
 Above range microwave and fan.  it looks bulky, but it's functional.  I'm hoping to balance out that wall with some open shelving on the left.
 Awesome contrast to the floors.
 This is the wall that will have the open shelving.  I'd like to put up three shelves, but I'll probably only do two that cover the length of the counter to the cabinet.

As a side note we also painted the insides of the cabinets and replaced all of the old hardware and hinges.  I'd like to add some pulls,but with how close some of the drawers are it wouldn't really work, but maybe I'll find something.  Would it be weird to have pulls just on the cabinets doors and skip the drawers?  I wonder.

It took forever to clean, sand, prime, and paint everything!  Oh and to make a new drawer.  It was so worth it though!  I'd still like to replace the counter tops, but we're going to leave them alone for now.  I'd like a black marble/ soap stone with a white subway tile on the walls if we were to do the counters.

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Quinae said...

YOU DID IT!!! No more wood paneling! Isn't paint amazing? For under $100 (and a lot of elbow grease) you can make a room look completely different. It looks great Ruth! Good job!!