Monday, April 18, 2011

"My home is my Empire!"---cue the Emperor's theme music

Sinister title, I know, but after I told Shem some of my thoughts of going from a full-time working woman to a full-time Mom he started singing my new theme song. :)

I've been thinking a lot about what life will be like when I'm home.  I'm afraid of a lot of things like: being bored, un-motivated, trapped from other intelligent life, and being a crazy wife who can't stop talking when her husband gets home from work.  I already talk his ear off at times, so it's bound to happen...probably a lot...once I'm home.  Because of these fears I keep thinking about what I'm going to do when I'm home with the baby.  I know that I need to take things slow and with little expectation at first, but I do know that I need to have some goals and ideas of projects.

So on my way home from work today in the car I had the brilliant idea that my home would be my Empire!  I get the rule the house and take care of it!  There is so much that I can do that hopefully I'll find amusing and entertaining so that I can not only keep things running in great condition, but also stay happy.  These are some of my goals/projects for my Empire:

  • Finish the kitchen, down bath/laundry room, yard, and baby's room this summer (Shem is helping with this...he's my apprentice...or slave.  I mean, husband! :)
  • Paint
  • Sew throw pillow covers in cool textures and colors to add variety to my otherwise brown, white, blue, and a little green living room.
  • Sew curtains for all of my rooms
  • Finish our bedroom
  • Pick out new bed linens and colors for our will be gray on the walls and it would be nice to not use blue or green up there (since I've used it else where in the house a lot)  Maybe white, or white with some red accents...I'm afraid of red, so I'd have to be sure about it.  Cream maybe?
  • Finish sewing this baby boy quilt from 3 years ago.
  • Take lots of pictures and build my business...make some money to support my happiness and hobby.
  • Coupon cut and shop the sales to save the family grocery budget!
  • Find better ways to eat healthy
  • Run frequently...once I have my energy.  I want to run a full marathon before I have my 2nd kid.
  • Do my VTing
  • Hang out with friends.
  • Read more.
  • Learn more about spelt and other grains and the amazing powers of good food for our bodies.
  • Make a family book Vol. 1 of mine and Shem's life before baby.  I guess you could call this a scrap book, but I'm just going to turn the blog into a book.
  • Teach Asher cool tricks and make sure he is safe and taken care of.
  • Pick up a few tutoring gigs next school year to support the family budget a bit.
  • Cook dinner regularly, or at least have something in mind.
  • Have house chores done on a regular basis so that we can play with Shem on Saturday for a few hours in-between his crazy work schedule.
I'm sure that I won't be able to do all of this, but at least I have some ideas of what I hope to do when I'm home.  I never want to stop learning or working hard and I think it's going to be a huge adjustment going from a demanding job to taking care of one little child and a husband.  I want to still feel like I'm making a difference even if it only affects my immediate family, that's all the difference I need to make.  Life will be good and happy and balanced when I become the full-time "Lord-ess" of my Empire!


Ashley Welling said...

In our bedroom we did green walls with black furniture and gray and white fabrics. I was at IKEA and they mixed gray with yellow. It looked really nice.

Beadles said...

Good for you. I have recently decided to be a list person again. I think it will help me to see things crossed off the list each day. Today I am going shopping with all of my coupons, it is so exciting!!

Cami said...

Wow Ruth. You are very ambitious. Don' feel bad if all you want to do the first several months is sleep!! I would recommend it. I feel like I am continually learning new things as a mom. I have the freedom to learn about whatever I want. I am trying a new thing where I work on 1 of my weeknesses each month. It could be making the kids a healthy breakfast, cleaning the house better, etc. As a mother, no one will tell you good job with this or that, but you will find the satisfaction knowing that you worked hard, your kids are happy, and you have the spirit with you. It is often mundane, but I find more meaning in it as I stay close to the Lord, read conference talks, or have a good scripture study. You will love being a mom Ruth. I am so happy for you!!