Monday, December 13, 2010

Boy or Girl?

On Wednesday Shem and I get to find out what we're having!  We're so excited and I can hardly wait to finally be able to pick names, fabrics, and register for useful baby gear.  Shem and I made a deal to not discuss names until we knew the sex, and it's been SO difficult to not think about names.  I have one in particular that I like, but all discussion of names will have to wait until Wednesday.

What is your guess?  What will we have?

A. Boy
B. Girl
C. Twins....(one person thinks I'm big enough... but I think it's a far fetched idea.  Shem is a twin though, so we'll see.)


Nick said...

I have a name suggestion. Max Fightmaster. It works if it's a boy or a girl.

Ashley Welling said...

Mark and I have a running joke to name our child Bacon or Tiberia Khan. We like to tell people those names to see the reaction. My Dad totally fell for it!

I don't think it will be twins because I have heard that skips a generation, but....I think it will be...a boy. But, it is a 50/50 chance.

Mags said...

I wouldn't wish twins on you Ruth. That is hard work. Regardless of gender, you all will be great parents! Hmmm, boy will be my guess.

Quinae said...

I triple that boy guess.

Christie said...

I vote seems to be the theme this year! Can't wait to hear!

Lizzie Ann said...

I think boy. What you said about your emotions being calm tells me it's a boy.