Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby Boy

This is my baby boy at 20 weeks.  We're currently working on putting some meat on those bones and baby already likes to suck on his hand and sip amniotic fluid every now and then.  He moves a lot and seems to move even more if I eat sugar.  Can sugar harm my baby?  I'm assuming that it's not good for us, but I wonder if in large amounts it could hurt the baby.  Weird thoughts.  In addition to feeling the baby a lot I have also grown a good sized belly and despite my growth I've discovered that I can still wear a pair of my old jeans zipped and unbuttoned.  The zipping is tight around the bottom part of my uterus, so I'm looking for ways to wear them without zipping.  I'm okay with a big belly (it's inevitable with my short torso), but I'm hoping that most of the weight will be pregnancy related and not result in huge amounts to loose later on.

I think Shem is slowing beginning to feel that this baby is real.  After our ultrasound he was quiet and I assumed that he was processing the whole experience and realizing for one of the first times that we really are having a baby.  It made me happy when on our way home he made a joke about me carrying a baby boy and today while we cuddled before getting out of bed he felt the baby move when his hand was on my belly.  I hope that he begins to feel more connected as the baby grows.  He's going to be a great father and I'm sure once our little one is here it will be one of his happiest moments.

I really want to remember this special moments with baby before he is born!  Sometimes I feel like he moves more when we talk about something specific or, like this morning, when Shem was waiting to feel him move.  After our ultrasound he was moving like crazy and I think he was excited to know that we knew that he was a boy.  But that's just my assumption. :)  He and I are already making a great team since from the beginning I had a feeling that he was a boy.  Last Sunday during church that feeling was even stronger.  Is it possible for there to be a special motherly connection between baby and mama?  I'm thinking yes because of what I've felt so far...I love it!

Okay, this post has been much longer than anticipated, but what do you think we should name him?  I'd like his middle name to be Jeffery after his Grandpa Thompson since he's already passed away, so it has to sound nice with Jeffery.


Mags said...

Congrats!!! As for names, I have found that everyone has their 'thing' when it comes down to it. Some have family names, some like the mainstream. I don't like popular names. The 'it' and 'now' name is not for me. I found this website I loved playing with and it tells when when a name was most popular and if it still is.
My full given name was number one in the 1920s. ;)

Ken and Nikki said...

what i did when i was preggo and didnt want to wear preggo pants was i used a hair tie to hold the opening together. and it makes it more elastic so when you sit down you arent bursting out of your pants haha. i really like the name Landon, i kinda like the name Liam... i dont know if you like that name. and if you dont that totally fine. but since you were asking i thought i would throw a few out there: Mason? Gavin? Cole" Blake? Brody? anyway, good luck with name picking!!

Ruth said...

I like Liam too, but I already have a newphew with that name. I"ll add the others to the list. :) I do the hairtie thing too, but that won't be a possibility anymore I fear. Mags, thanks for the website! I'll check it out. I think we want something different too.