Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family Reunion Aug 19-22...Niece and Nephew time.

Shem and I both went around and took a lot of photos of our nieces and nephews having fun on their own or together.  Ensign Ranch provided a nice field and lots of open spaces for everyone to run around.  I think the 3 year olds really enjoyed having a ton of Grandma time and I especially loved seeing Xander play with his baby doll.  These kids are just entertaining and it's fun for us to play with them since we don't see them all of the time.  Shem definitely knows how to make the little ones happy, and I've always loved seeing how they all gravitate towards him at random times.  It makes me think that he'll be a great dad someday.  Well, I actually worry that he won't be that great with our kids because he'll get sick of them day in and day out, so hopefully that won't be the case.

Shem's mom is an amazing seamstress and she can make anything out of fabric and thread it seems.  Here the kids are playing with dolls wearing custom designs made by Dawn.
 Quinae has posted about how Xander loves dolls and I just had to see for myself how much he loves them.   
Grandma hands and sweet.
 Brynn and Kamry hanging in the hammock.
 Soren playing with two balls and his wooden plane...that's talent, or just being distracted by other cool toys. :)
 I seem to always get shots of Malik running, this is the best one yet probably because Shem took this one.  In fact most of these were taken by Shem (except for the baby pics up top).
 "Now, can someone please explain to me the meaning of life."  Sadie looking very cute.
 Corom and Wendy provided some fun with a parachute!  Look at the happy faces of wonderment and awe.
 I think Liam should play football with that running stance...he could break through any line charging like that.
 "I'm so happy right now I can't even believe it!"
 "We play with parachutes all the time at school." say Corbin as he eats his fruit snacks. :)
 The only good shot of least he's not frowning like in the other shot. 
 Apparently she was eating the flower, but Shem didn't get her biting into it.  Cute photo though.
 Group family shot while camping...don't mind the "campingness".
 Funny group shot...I'm not sure if Jayden got the memo because he looks rather upset...sorry bud.
 Playing with fire.
 The older kids had a fire pit to themselves and they grilled up the most amazing nachos for us to eat along with burning other things.
 The oreo that Brynn couldn't eat...
In time out because she tried and got caught...she needed to finish her dinner.  I felt bad because I'm pretty sure I offered her the cookie...bad Aunt.
 Charlotte sharing her cookie with me. :)
Charlotte enjoying her cookie.
Zia after some amazing yogurt!

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