Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks from last night

These are some of my favorite pictures of fireworks that I took last night.  After Shem and I got home from church at 4:00 we ate some leftover Enchilada soup, I blogged, we played LEGO Harry Potter for about 2 hours, and then we packed up the camera gear and drove over to the park to take some pictures of the fireworks.  I loved taking pictures of those fireworks and Shem got really into it as he held the umbrella over my camera to keep it dry.  We had such a good time!  And to think we almost didn't go.

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Ken and Nikki said...

your firework photos turned out really good too!! mi think that was one of the funnest photo shoots ive done. just because there were so many different results that you could get. nice job!