Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer has arrived!

(After the 5k race Amy and I walked to all of the tents set up in Qwest field to grab our goodies. It felt really good to be part of such a big fundraiser to help find a cure to breast cancer! I would definitely run this race again sometime!)

Well, our first week off has consisted of shopping, playing, running, shopping, going through camping gear, buying camping gear, and hanging out with friends and family! Shem has been such a trooper!! He normally will take a week off after school to get his life in order, but he has been keeping up with my got-to-get-things-done pace and going everywhere with me including shopping! (he hates shopping and will complain the whole time!) Tuesday he braved REI with Amy and I (we easily get distracted and he was patient with us) I found some chaco sandels for only $30!! And today after we picked 3 flats of strawberries we went shopping at the outlet mall in North Bend and Shem even bought himself some new shorts like I've been hoping he would! I'm happy now! :)

I've been running and following this training plan to get faster at a 5k and I hope to run one more in a couple of weeks to see how I've improved. I have a goal to get tone again and to loose a couple pounds, well, I mostly want to fit into my size 6/8 jeans again! I don't look fat or anything, but I just feel so out of shape and my wonderful hips have grown, so I need to knock off a couple inches. Married life has taken a small toll on my body. :)

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