Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our First Christmas in Michigan and Ken's wedding in Portland, OR (2007)

Downtown D-town with Clint's family
and ours.

Ken and Nikki

Ken and Julia waiting for the people mover/
mugger mover as it has been called in the past.
Detroit has improved a lot in the past couple years
and it's actually fun to go downtown now.

Dinner the night before Ken and Nikki's big
day! We had some excellent seafood!

Ken at his reception.

My old roommie and friend Lisa came to visit
from her parents in Vancouver, WA!

After driving from Portland, OR to Detroit, Mi
and arriving Christmas morning everyone crashed!
Everyone except for Lehi, who was excited for christmas
He had to wait until 2pm to open gifts, but before that
Dad had to tell a story about as long as his arm span!
Lehi went crazy and even told Shem and I that he
didn't want his cool helicopters. Someone has to
be the youngest. :)

How I look in this picture is how I must have felt
after driving forever! Never will do that again!

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