Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall in Phoenix, AZ

This fall was full of a lot of fun for us as we had the chance to go and help my Grandma McLennan in Arizona for two weeks!  Aside from being away from daddy for two weeks, we loved our time there in the warm Arizona air!  Also, I will always remember it as the place I got to buy the latest and greatest iPhone!  It was an unexpected purchase, but one I was happy to make. :). I am known in my family as the lover of all gadgets, and I do enjoy me an apple gadget every now and then.  

My grandma lives in the country on two acres and it is a somewhat magical place.  One morning before she came home from rehab we woke up at 6:30 to hear a crop duster flying overhead, so we went out in our Jammie's to see the sunrise and this really cool plane!  Where she lives she also has irrigation canals that allow her to buy water to soak her years at various times of the year.  It was fascinating to me, and a little frightening since a kid could easily down in the water when it's flowing.  We were cautious.  Oh, and the dogs!!  Yeah, we couldn't go for a walk without all of the scary dogs barking at us, or chasing us.  It was not fun.

My grandma had her aeortic valve replaced, so recovery was not easy.  She is strong and strong willed and gained so much strength while I was there.  We enjoyed playing with anything that could be a toy, as well as playing outside.

Calling daddy!  He missed him so much!

Morning sprinkler fun at 7:00 AM!  It was a spur of the moment ordeal.  

My big boy!

Grandma's nachos on conference Sunday!  It's a tradition that I have missed for years!  I used to love going up north to her house to watch The General Conference of our church and eat nachos!  Asher was not a fan, so I ate his portion, naturally.

When Daddy came to visit our last weekend there we went hiking!  I remembered hiking Sqaw peak years ago, so we drove out there to attempt the climb without a baby backpack.  We almost made it and then we had to turn around so that we could make it back to San Tan Valley to take my grandma in for a blood draw.

Breakfast at the Olive Mill in Queen Creek!  It was awesome!

So, it was a great trip and I got to see my family, which us always nice, and we ate great food!  Oh, and my old iPhone, yeah, it was in my pocket when I jumped into the pool to help Asher, who had fallen in, and it died.  It was a sad day, and a week without a cell phone really made me so grateful for my new iPhone 5s even though I could only get it in space gray.  I really wanted gold.  Oh well!

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