Friday, April 6, 2012

Eleven Months!!!

It's really hard to express how I feel about being a mom, and especially to organize my thoughts of my son.  I am seriously over-joyed to have Asher in my life!  He has been a welcomed blessing and addition to our little family (even though he sticks things in the toilet).   Next month he will be one!  One!  I can't believe that a year ago he was born, let alone all that I've learned and accomplished this year.  It's been a new and welcomed challenge and I can honestly say that we're ready to have more babies!

Some thoughts before I give an update on the little man; our finances have changed a lot since we've decided to have me stay home, we will probably lose the 20% we put down on our condo when we decide to move, Shem's car needs to be replaced desperately as it's a health hazard to drive with mold and all, but I haven't been happier or more hopeful for the future!  Sure, we may have to live someplace that we really don't like for a while in order to save up for another down payment, and Shem may be stuck with his molding car, but what really makes us happy is our family (I need to remember this when I really feel the need for a new mini van with sliding doors).  I never knew how much joy kids bring into your life!  I always thought kids got into trouble and that parents found them annoying because it always seemed like someone was getting on my Mom or Dad's bad side.  Albeit, Asher hasn't done anything horrible yet, so its hard for me to imagine being upset with him, but seriously, kids are a joy and I love being able to share my love with Asher.  In turn, he has learned how to show us his love too and it's the sweetest thing ever!

Okay, so here is his update:
-He loves to make funny noises with his mouth.
-He loves to play peek-a-boo around corners and such.
-He loves to visit other people during sacrament meeting and can't stand to sit still.
-He has finally figured out that he can throw things into the toilet (he have since bought and installed a lock).
-He loves bath time in the big tub and is fascinated with the faucet and how it works.
-He says "mama", "dada", "ball" (I think ball means a lot of different things).
-He used to shake his head yes, but now whenever we ask him a question he will generally shake his head no.  
-He can sign "milk" and "more".
-He will whine until he gets water when he wants it.
-He loves his sippy cups.
-I think he has figured out how to wave.
-He has fallen down the stairs only once.
-He loves to play outside and finally likes the grass.
-He loves to swing at the park.
-He loves to study things to see how they work.
-He is persistent and will try to make things work, like putting his bottle in his mailbox.
-He loves to cuddle now!  And he will hug his stuffed animals!  It's so adorable!
-He never lets me work on the computer.
-He has broken the salad dressing container and some other kitchen gadget.
-He loves to play with the toilet paper.
-He is all boy and loves cars, trucks, and trains.
-He loves to  play with other kids.

I'm so proud of my little man and he makes everyday fun as he learns, explores, and grows.

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Nikki said...

soooooo.....just sayin'.... i wont be upset if you guys move to southern washington.... i might even throw you a crazy awesome party if you do!!! haha... no pressure!